Getting Started Free!

RND Framework is 100% free to download and use for your web projects. Source codes, templates and plugins are available to download from GitHub for free. Just read the Official Documentation and try to build an amazing website yourself!

3 different techniques to build

Every developer is worried about their skills. Therefore, we have embedded 3 different ways to develop websites upon our framework. Beginners, Pros, Experts can select the way they plan to develop their websites. Just install RND Framework in MAMP, LAMP or any similar hosting service and start making pages rapidly.

Junior Developers

If you know only HTML and a little bit of CSS, you can create your website just like a pro by following our tutorials. Your web pages can be customized using a JSON file as shown below. Put your HTML contents in a .html file with the json file in the pages folder to build the site fast. Just find a beautiful template and show your customers and competitors your powerful online store.

    "head": {
        "title": "Hello RND Framework!",
        "text": "This is my first page in RND Framework and I love it a lot!",
        "keys": "my first page, rnd framework",
        "short": "Hello",
        "layout": "page-default"

PHP Developers

Can you understand PHP? You can play more with our framework. You can convert HTML contents to PHP format and store them in the pages folder with the above JSON file to make it work. Here are a sample php code that works on RND Framework.

    if( is_home() ){
	   echo "Hey, your are on our home page";  

Professional Developers

RND Framework is developed using filters/actions that are similar to Wordpress. You can easily write your own plugins/templates using our tutorials to have best results.

function change_body_background_color($items) {

    $css = "body{background:#955;}";
    return $items.$css;
add_filter('page_style', 'change_body_background_color');

Build Websites Free Forever!

Web developers always want to reduce their expenses and time that they spend on a project. RND Framework can develop any project rapidly for FREE. It will not take a lot of resources on your server, nor waste your valuable time!

Want to see popular projects?

There are many popular websites, mobile apps that use RND Framework. Just explore them to see the powerful features of this ground-breaking framework.