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Are you new to RND Innovations? Please pay our API registration fee which is $7 USD to continue. If you are an existing member, please contact us and collect information to begin.

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How does it work?

(01) Register your API connection

Pay our API registration fee and inform us to begin. After payment, you have to contact us and inform us of your product details. This is FREE for our existing customers.

(02) Sign the contract

We will provide you our contract form, terms of service and other technical documents related to the product you buy. These documents can vary from product to product, region to region. You will have to pay 70% of the product price, if you sign the contract with us.

(03) Launching the product

After signing the contract, our technical team will work on your product or service to finish its installation within the given time period. Once we have finished our work, you will have to pay the rest (30%) and start your business.