RND Cloud Database

Unlike other CMSs, we use a special cloud interface to store/retrieve websites’s data. However, this service is disabled for free users due to limited resources. We are looking for a sponsor to support us with this matter.

How does cloud database work?

You have to have API permissions to initiate this service. After API registration, you get your UserID, UserName, & Password to connect with our Cloud Interface. Somehow, only your registered IP address can request/receive data from our Cloud Interface.

Can I use a local database?

Not recommended! You might be able to do this via a special plugin. Due to security issues, you should consider storing data in a remote location which is up 24/7. Mostly, web developers like to keep the website simple, secured and fast. Our target is to offer the best Cloud database for RND Framework.

Can I program my cloud database?

Unfortunately, we provide only the Cloud Interface via an API. All programming and optimization will be done by our back-end developers who are experts in Cloud programming & database management.

What can I do with RND Cloud?

  • Registering new users and providing login and user control.
  • Offering application related functions such as filling forms, reading data tables, and managing existing data.
  • Link with 24/7 active centralized customer care hub.
  • Link with payment gateways, email services as well as other APIs.
  • Automatic data backups, image processing as well as link with other clouds such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

How can I activate this?

Please note that you might have to subscribe or purchase this service. The price may vary with your usage and we will offer this service 100% FREE for some selected startups. Please contact us below!

Want to contact us?

Our support team is available 24/7 and the developing team will be available for your request within 24 hours. However, if you have registered your API with us, you are able to join our live chat with core developers.

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